Experiment Design Sample Question

PLEASE NOTE: The GED Science Short Answer questions were discontinued at the beginning of 2018. Click here for our GED Science Practice Questions.

Here is a GED Science short answer sample question that you can use for your test prep. After reviewing our Design an Experiment writing guide, use this prompt to practice answering a short answer essay question.

A student wants to test the effects of caffeine on the growth rate of mung bean plants. Her hypothesis is that mung beans will grow faster when watered with a caffeine solution that is made by dissolving a caffeine tablet in water.

Design an experiment to test this hypothesis. Include the following in your design: the experimental setup, the procedures for data collection, and the criteria for evaluating the student’s hypothesis.

Materials: 20 pots filled with soil, 20 mung beans, water, watering can, caffeine tablets, tape measure

After you complete your answer, get feedback from a friend or teacher. You can also review our Short Answer Sample Response.