GED Science Short Answer Questions

PLEASE NOTE: The GED Science Short Answer questions were discontinued at the beginning of 2018. Click here for our GED Science Practice Questions.

As part of the GED Science exam you will be required to complete 2 “short answer” constructed response questions. These are basically just short essay questions that cover scientific topics. In the directions to these questions they suggest that you spend about 10 minutes on each of them, but they are not timed separately. They are meant to test your ability to think scientifically and write effectively about life science, physical science, and Earth science.

The company that issues the GED has not given additional details about these 2 short answer questions. However, the sample questions that they have published show two types of short answer questions: “Design an Experiment” and “Support a Position.” So it makes sense to prepare for questions of a similar type.

Experiment Design Short Answer Question